2018 Spring Refreshing


As we continue into our second year of publication, we’re reaching more and more people who tell us that Leaping Clear’s celebration of the arts and meditative practices nourishes both their inner and outer lives. Thank you for joining us and for sharing the site.  

We’re delighted to feature one of our favorite poets, Jane Hirshfield, in this issue. The power, insight, and beauty of her poems and essays amplify the deep place poetry holds in human history.

Music is another, perhaps prehistoric, ancient art. Roseminna Watson’s “Limbic Hymnal,” touches the embodied and moving power of music with violin and voice.

Black River,” a video by Georg Koszulinski, uses what would be conventionally called a newer medium. In this piece, however, we’re brought to focus on a primal sense—seeing—and the interplay between seeing and perception.

We’re refreshing the site itself, so you can more easily visit or revisit previous issues. They’re under the new Archives tab. And the Links tab now features contributors’ sites, as well as other sites of interest.

Wherever you choose to dive into Leaping Clear, we believe you’ll find that the artists and writers offer gifts of fresh viewpoints, emotions, perceptions, and understanding of what it is to be humanly alive.

Carolyn Dille
Founding Editor