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Fall 2018 Leaping Clear Current Issue

Welcome to Leaping Clear! Our Fall 2018 Issue celebrates the beginning of our third year of bringing accomplished and moving work from artists whose art is grounded in meditative and contemplative practices.

This Equinox Issue is filled with an autumn’s abundance of essay, fiction, poetry, music, and visual arts. Check out our blog for some of the highlights.

The site has also been refreshed to make it easier to navigate your way to the arts and artists, links and archive. Take your time to enjoy the issue and to share, subscribe contribute, donate.


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It’s hard to believe that two years have passed since we began publishing works by artists and writers whose lives and art are informed by contemplative practice. We received hundreds of submissions for this issue and we want to thank all who contributed. 

In the process of assembling all the pieces for this issue we discovered, purely by chance, that certain harmonic resonances began to arise between, say, this essay and that poem; this story and that image; this poem and that piece of music. It was as if we’d constructed a gamelan composed of poetry, prose, images, and sound. Sympathetic chords are struck on the themes of social justice, the transformative power of nature, the liberating effects of present moment awareness, and more. . . .

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Poetry by William Pruitt

Music from David Krebs

Painting by Erin Schalk

Video by Marilyn McCabe