A Magazine of Art Literature Contemplation

Fall 2019 Leaping Clear, Current Issue

Each time we devote ourselves to creating a Leaping Clear issue, we’re reminded of how much we’re given. The beautiful work of our contributors inspires us to make a mosaic where the uniqueness of each piece is shown and contributes to a whole vision of art, literature, and contemplation. Each issue is a different vision of many artists from many places working in many forms.

Now, we’re sitting back and enjoying the whole issue, moving from the closeup to the wide view. With each issue, we begin listening, reading, and viewing with interest and engagement. We continue this engagement as subtle themes and contrasts emerge from the work we receive. We’re grateful for—and a little overwhelmed by—the number of fine contributions we receive. This spring and summer have been art-, literature-, and contemplation-filled for us!

We hope your days going forward continue to be filled with beauty in all its forms. This issue is a fine place to begin. Here on the Welcome page, or on the Current Issue page, find what attracts you—a name, a title, an image, or a sound, and open the page. We trust you’ll find enjoyment. You may even be moved.

. . . conjugate the happiness you’ve gleaned

. . . . .

here is the door you open to cries
of ‘surprise!’


Music by Samia Clark

Poetry by Roberta Bienvenu

Poetry by Ron Riekki

Essay by Christine Aquilino

Painting by Gabriela Rochallyi

Poetry by Paul Willis

Video by Deva Padma