Fall 2019 Leaping Clear

Each time we devote ourselves to creating a Leaping Clear issue, we’re reminded of how much we’re given. The beautiful work of our contributors inspires us to make a mosaic where the uniqueness of each piece is shown and contributes to a whole vision of art, literature, and contemplation. Each issue is a different vision of many artists from many places working in many forms.

Now, we’re sitting back and enjoying the whole issue, moving from the closeup to the wide view. …

Reading W. S. Merwin

W. S. Merwin was able to speak to many people in his poems, his translations, his memoirs, and stories. After a lifetime of reading his work—always in wonder at each new collection—my sense is that he wrote from the same deep wellspring that led him to Hawai’i and Zen practice in the mid-1970s. He looked for and lived from the open source, the endless source of contemplation, care, respect, and imagination.

Simply Do This: Podcast with poet/essayist Paul Hostovsky

Simply Do This:  Podcast with poet/essayist Paul Hostovsky

Much of this interview with Paul Hostovsky covers his initial fascination with the system of Braille and his ongoing study of the code that blind readers (and Paul) read with the pads of their fingers. (In his Leaping Clear essay, “A Different Digital,” Paul reveals his secret delight in reading Braille in spite of his being sighted.) We also discuss Paul’s work as a sign language interpreter for the Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.