Happy New Year


Wishing all of you a Happy and Peaceful and Joyful New Year! We’re leaping into the new year with new artists and writers and musicians from around the world. They’ll join us in the wonderful Spring 2018 Issue, March 20. The dedication and quality of these artists working in all forms continue to bring us insights and joy.

At the New Year, many of us stop to check in with our deep intentions. We renew our aspirations in resolutions. We breathe in and out to feel life’s creative force moving within us. We taste freshness and hopefulness from the original and bountiful wellspring that is part of our human heritage.

We make art and stand before it in wonder to remind ourselves of the wellspring. We write poetry and stories, make music and videos, and read and listen and look to inspire ourselves. We turn to the wellspring of meditation and contemplation to see clearly what’s important.

My own intentions this year also include diving deeper into collaborative artistic work, and into working with others on social equality and justice.

                        Every day’s a new day. Beginning
                                    again’s a long story we
                                    restore again and again.
                        Hallelujah, a New Year anew!


Carolyn Dille
Founding Editor