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Fall 2017 Leaping Clear

Leaping Clear presents the arts in all forms from different cultures, different perspectives, and different contemplative traditions. We’re dedicated to reaching everyone, everywhere—east and west, north and south—who’s interested in the arts and in meditative and contemplative practices, two hallmarks of humanity.

Our issues are released twice a year, on the March and September equinoxes. The equal amount of light and dark on these days all over the globe reminds us that our home on this earth is shared, and also of the crucial importance of balance in our lives.

This summer brought powerful examples of how elemental forces shape our world, along with many stories of people responding generously and courageously to help people whose lives were upturned by floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes. These responses, too, are a form of balance. They restore hope during times of fear; they make clear that we’re all neighbors, no matter where we live. (More on this in the September 15 blog.) 

We’re happy to present many fine artists and writers in this issue, from Canada and Nepal, as well as the United States.

One of these artists, Joan Anderson, writes in her artist’s statement: “It is beauty, that which expresses its essential nature, that makes life, even a life beset with difficulty and suffering, worth greeting the day and the lovely night.”

We hope you’ll take your time to enjoy this issue, along with the lovely days and nights of autumn. 


Happy New Year
Wishing all of you a Happy and Peaceful and Joyful New Year! We’re leaping into the new year with new artists and writers and musicians from around the world. They’ll join us in the wonderful Spring 2018 Issue, March 20. The dedication and quality of these artists working in all forms continue to bring us insights and joy. . . .


Poetry by Paul Willis

Sculptures, by Kat O'Brien

Village Breathing

Village Breathing