Katrinka Moore


Visiting the Hermit, Finding No One Home

I climb over the ridge, cross a ravine
            to reach her mud-brick hut.   
No one is home, but she’s left
            a water jug by the door.

I sit in the shade of the cottonwood
            bank of the dry ravine,
drink from the jug, cool water,
            wait for her to return.

Maybe she’s gathering sage —
            so deep in her search
she’s thinking of nothing, not even
            knowing she’s crossed the ridge.

The sun rolls over the ridge.  I sit
            under the cottonwood
thinking of nothing, not even
            waiting for her return.        


Katrinka Moore

I practice water method Taoist meditation alongside my study of Wu style tai chi. This gentle work relates to my favorite contemplative practice — wandering around in nature. 

Katrinka Moore is the author of Numa, Thief, and This is Not a Story. Her next book, Wayfarers, will be published by Pelekinesis in 2018.

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