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Welcome to Leaping Clear

Here we bring together artists whose work moves us to remember where we are right now—what we often forget in the busyness of our lives. Here we can explore—along with the artists—the perplexities, joys, and inner and outer mysteries of being human.

The artists work from backgrounds of meditative and contemplative practices. No matter the form or medium—painting, poetry, fiction, music, video—these artists open the timeless present. Here our perspectives widen.  Here, it’s possible to be free of our usual sense of being bound to a particular point of view. 

Leaping Clear offers a web space for artists in all media whose work brings together commitment to artistic achievement and meditative or contemplative practice. If you have something to contribute, please go to our Submissions page. 

We update the site frequently; to see what's new visit the Updates section. Please take your time, enjoy the site, and visit again soon.


Leaping Clear in the New Year
As a species, we’ve set aside certain dates to make resolves, to settle differences, to celebrate with festivals, and to renew vows of spiritual, ethical, and religious practice. We call these the New Year, Nowruz, Holi, and many other names. . . .


New work at Leaping Clear


Jazz by Brian Fielding.

A video, Macondo Blowout, by Christy Rupp