Christy Rupp

Since the 70’s I have been studying the impact of economics on the environment. Exploring topics like genetically engineered foods, clean water, and the rights of nature, I have sought to make visible changes, which occur over time, or on a microscopic scale.

The works represented here relate to the impact of fossil fuel extraction on habitat and life forms.

Leaping Clear is happy to present Christy Rupp’s animated video, Macondo Blowout.  

Macondo Blowout



Oily Seafood, 2013

Cut paper collage, 16 x 20 inches, and ink drawing.


Christy Rupp

Christy Rupp is an ecoartist whose studies in animal behavior in the 70’s led to her becoming an activist and meditator. She was born in upstate NY, too young for Elvis and too old for Barbie. She lives in NYC and the Hudson Valley.