Fall 2019



Christine Aquilino

Comfort Food

Geraldine DeLuca

The Dharma of Vinny Ferraro

Mary Lane Potter

Stepping onto the Path

Sherry Stratton

Take Me with You


Samia Clark

A Suite from the Cloud Forest


Julie Ann Otis

American Therapy

Deva Padma

Buddha Nature

Visual Arts

Betsy McCall

Jewel Mirror

Gabriela Rochallyi

The Rock

Kazuaki Tanahashi

Mountain and Waters 22

Ruth Feldman

Palette for Parochet



Bob Hoeppner


Brianna Ferguson

Bob and Jan

Carol Gloor

Last Vacation

James K. Zimmerman

Incantation: Felling Ash

Jose Oseguera

In the Light of the Bas-Relief

Marc Kaminsky

An End to Suffering

Marianne Lyon

The Wall

Michael Lyle

Home Movie

Paul Willis

A Tiny Creek

Roberta Bienvenu

Sleeping Late in Fog

Ron Riekki

Isle Royale, Michigan,

Susan Harvey

Morning chores