Gabriela Rochallyi



Gabriela Rochallyi

During my university studies, I became acquainted with the meditation exercises of the Five Tibetan Rites. My own mind is still; it is in constant movement. A set of five exercises is an inspiration for the purity of dynamic expression. The mindless cycle is a painterly/artistic expression of constant movement.

Fast painting technique was used to create the cycle, providing a speed of expression. The chosen method of artistic processing should be in sharp contrast with the central philosophical idea. The simplicity of the technique is not to distract. The depth is contained in the process of thinking it creates. Look and see. I can see? It is essential in detail.

I have been involved in artistic activity since my childhood. Apart from painting expression, I am also engaged in literary activities. I am the author of the poetic collections Arété (2018) and Teeth of Time (2019) published in Slovakia by Spolok Slovenských Spisovateľov, an Association of Slovakian Writers.

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