Samia Clark

From A Suite From the Cloud Forest

Eric Ewazen, composer

The Resplendent Quetzal, first movement


Samia Clark

Keeping things simple, listening, and finding one's own nature are important practices for Samia. Her inspiration, gratitude, and sense of respect come from her current teachers: Angie Boissevain, her Zen teacher; and Gerow Reece, her calligraphy and Japanese tea service teacher.

Samia loves to weed and cultivate her garden and fruit trees. There, and cooking in her kitchen, she is often amazed by fruit and vegetables—and all things created by the Gods. Samia considers herself lucky and blessed to be married and raising one daughter.

Samia Clark was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon. She and her family fled the civil war in ‘87 to continue her education. Music was an easy choice, as all the arts are like a home language for Samia. She teaches piano to anyone willing to learn through encouragement. She finds it magical to discover the encouragement for each student, a “recipe” attuned to each. This is one of her continuous practices.

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