Gratitude: Good in the Present, Good in the Past, Good in the Future


This January our editors are feeling especially filled with gratitude, in the present moment as well as looking back and forward. New Pages’ recent fine review of our Fall-Winter issue and of our short publication history acknowledges the skill and accomplishment of our contributors. is a compendium of news, information, and guides to literary magazines, independent publishers, and more in the vibrant world of North American arts and letters. We’re happy that New Pages, as part of the larger community of writers and artists, recognize and appreciate Leaping Clear’s online presence.

With each issue, we’re grateful for our contributors, our subscribers, and the wide world of contemplative writers and artists.

Last year, we featured more excellent contemplative art, writing, video and music in more genres—including the bonus Winter Solstice Issue—than in earlier issues. We were also greatly encouraged and supported by more donations.

For the coming year, we’re already at work on the Spring 2019 Issue, with new poetry, fiction, essay, music, photography, video and visual art.

We hope your coming year is filled with gratitude, as well. Please enjoy the current issue and the archives, engaging with the art and writing in the spirit in which it was made: with care and attention and respect.


Carolyn Dille
Founding Editor