Brian Fielding’s original jazz composition An Appropriate Response is here.

Christy Rupp’s animated video Macondo Blowout is here.

Contributor News

Emily Bording’s shakuhachi flute can be found on YouTube.

Enrico Natali’s 3-volume set of photographs is available from Matilija Books LLC. It includes The Color of Paradise, The Mysterious Presence of Being, and In the Blink of An Eye. Other work by Natali is at enriconatali.com.

Gary Gach maintains a homepage at levity.com/interbeing

Michael Newhall’s recent exhibitions include paintings from the Re-excavation Series at the Grohmann Museum in Milwaukee and the Enso Gallery in Half Moon Bay, CA.

Mohammad Shams Langeroodi maintains a blog at shamselangeroodi.blogfa.com.

Norman Fisher’s writing can be found at normanfischer.org

Peter Dale Scott's new book of poems Walking on Darkness published by Sheep Meadow Press in September 2016 is available. For a prose account of some circumstances in the poem “Appearances” from a different perspective, see Jefferson Morley, “The Ellsberg Challenge,” jfkfacts.org/the-ellsberg-challenge/.

Rosalyn Driscoll’s recent exhibitions include West on the Left, East on the Right in Lanzhou, China; Six Americans in Qingdao, China, and Sensory: Please Touch at the University of Nebraska, Omaha.

Stephen Batchelor’s latest book Secular Buddhism: Imagining the Dharma in an Uncertain World will be published by Yale University Press in February 2017.


These sites explore—in different modes—some conjunctions of art, literature, and contemplation. 

parabola.org/, bcbsdharma.org/insight-journal-home/,
merton.org, sufijournal.org/