Paul Burnham

The Sun is Too Much


Sambodhi Prem

Enjoying Silence

Video, Photography

Ashby McGowan

Many Voices

Carla Brennan

Young Brown Pelicans Express Themselves

Elvira Piedra

The Spirit of my Friend

Kon Markogiannis

Mind Pattern 1

Visual Arts

Hildy Maze

Beyond the safety of the false

Katherine Levin-Lau

In the Night Sky

Norma Alonzo

What's in Your Head



Abigail King

What We Learned

David Feela


Denis Stokes

In Tranquility

Donna Coffey Little

The Church Ladies Are Coming to Get Me

Ginnie Goulet Gavrin

Morning Star

Jan Wiezorek

Thought About A Fence

John Savoie

Old Waters New

Juditha Dowd

Morning Star

Kit Carlson

Night Mares

Linda Eve Diamond

No, Time. Stay.

Maria Berardi

Whereof We Cannot Speak

Merridawn Duckler


Patty Somlo

At the Same Time

Rich Heller

Launching our kayaks

Steven Elliott

It was just

Tara Shepersky

On Going to the Coast for a Weekend Retreat

Yakov Azriel