Ashby McGowan

Many Voices


Multi-voice poetry exploring the themes of humanity, equality and destiny.

Written by: Ashby McGowan

Performers: Ashby McGowan, Berta Cussó, Jessica Phillippi, Miriam Sarah Doren, Robert Przekwas

Performance Director: Iwona Glowinska-Denton


Ashby McGowan

My meditative practise. I take my Buddhism very seriously and research literature. I do not do enough meditation in my house. I try to be aware in every moment. I have practised Zen, Theravada, and Tibetan meditation. I practiced Aikido for three years which helped. I enjoy Buddhist Courses. In one three-day Tibetan meditation course in Holy Isle I achieved a state of Satori (also known as seeing the Buddha, also known as First Jhana) during Chenrezig meditation. The rapture was non-sensual. I had never experienced its like. It changed me. I still do not know if one day if I would, with sufficient practise, become an Arahat (enlightened one).

My multi-voice work has been featured on National Radio and performed at the Scottish Parliament. I have written for Amnesty, Dove Tales, and for the United Nations (who said my poem was “beautiful”). I have performed as part of a multi-voice group at many human rights events and at many different theatres.

I live in Glasgow, Scotland, and love poetry and short stories. I am a Buddhist and a vegan and campaign for human and animal rights.

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