Susan Webster

Monotype, drawing, painting


Susan Webster


I am the daughter of florists. Our largest greenhouse was attached to the office which was attached to our kitchen which led into the dining room. My earliest memories are of walking through those rooms into the warm and vibrant environment of the greenhouse. I remember helping my father place tiny seeds in warm soil. We waited for the seeds to germinate and grow into plants. The plants matured and produced beautiful and fragrant blossoms. The flowers reached their peek and produced seeds. Then the plant eventually decayed and died, leaving seeds behind which we gathered and saved to produce new plants. Thinking back on it now, I see that my work is informed by those early experiences among the plants and observing the natural cycle of birth, growth, death, and rebirth–a miracle.

While I remain deeply connected to the landscape and the rhythms of the natural world, I am also investigating themes of time, place and memory. I think about the ways that people, things, and ideas might be or might become connected or associated with one another.

For me, there are connections that begin before birth and extend beyond this life. 


Susan Webster is a visual artist who lives in Deer Isle, Maine. She has taught at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, (ME); Oregon College of Art and Crafts; Penland (NC); Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Connecticut, Studio Works Jerusalem, Israel. She has been an artist-in residence at University of the Arts Borowsky Center, Pennsylvania; and College of the Atlantic, ME. Susan’s work is in the permanent collections of the US Department of State’s Art in Embassies program. Recent exhibitions include: Center for Maine Contemporary Art; Manhattan Graphics Center; Elizabeth A. Beland Gallery, (MA) Concord Arts Gallery, (MA); Southern Graphics Exhibit, (LA); and Greenhut Gallery, (ME).