Meg Kaminski




Meg Kaminski

I discovered Buddhist meditation practice 27 years ago simultaneously with what is called “Process Art”. This consists of working through intense feelings through the fine arts. I also became clean and sober at this time, and credit the dharma, my internal investigations, and a daily commitment to growth in helping me stay sober for almost 3 decades. 

I continue to wake up to feelings that have been repressed. Waking up to the truth is the cornerstone of my process, and my life.  The artwork aids in opening the door for me, and meditation creates space for these feelings and images to rise up.

Today I paint in a yurt next to my house, using mostly water-soluble oils.  Artistic expression—painting, clay sculpting, writing—has become a tremendous source of healing for me, and is its own form of spiritual practice.

My work has been shown in galleries in the Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay area and in private collections.

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