Lesley Strutt


what the fish is     is not
some flash some sparkle then flesh in a pan

how a marriage of twenty years ended

suitcase full of books     two pairs of bikini panties
the cat fed    dog whimpering    something taken     something

the staircase leading down
what loss is   part of her caught on a tough thin line

the fish now seared on both sides
the first mouthful on her newly freed tongue

how it tastes


Lesley Strutt

My contemplative practice began in Christianity, and evolved into a form of Buddhism, grounded in daily meditation. Contemplation is wordless for me. I trust it and revere the ocean-like stillness that refreshes me, no matter the circumstances, no matter the place. As I drop into wordlessness I reach into a deep listening. The poetry comes from that deep listening, as if where I am and where the words dwell, is one place.

Lesley Strutt is a passionate dreamer who believes that we co-create our existence. Her poetry plays lightly with the lived human experience, essence, and love in all its guises. She has published with Leaf Press, Bywords, The Literary Review and the Canadian Woman Studies Journal.