Kevin Griffin



Kevin's Notes

The chorus of “Enough” is a line used by Dharma teacher and “sit-down comic” Wes Nisker.  The bass line is “borrowed” from Sonny and Cher’s “And the Beat Goes On.”

The instrumental, “Mountain Stream” was written at the Shambhala Mountain Center in Colorado after I received the gift of a beautiful, custom-made 12-string guitar from a friend. This song was the first thing that came out of that guitar for me.


Kevin Griffin

I’ve never thought of creativity as a separate activity from the rest of life. I started playing guitar at 12 and writing songs as a teenager. Those were just things I did. When I started writing fiction later on, it just felt like another natural thing to do, not some special artistic expression. To me, the essence of being human is creativity. Whether you’re creating a new computer program, figuring out a clever spread sheet, painting a picture, kicking a ball, or making love, human activity involves imagination, engagement, and problem-solving.

Writing the songs on my album, “Laughing Buddha” was just another case of this, engaging in the joyful expression of being a human being with ears and hands and heart.

Many of these songs were written for the Spirit Rock Meditation Center Family Program. I wanted to pass on Dharma teachings in a playful and accessible way.