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Many people have contributed their talents to this site. They are artists with meditative or contemplative practices, in addition to their editing, web design, social media and organization skills. Thank you all for your encouragement, energy, and support Carla Brennan, Margery Cantor, Diana Deering, Joe Hall, Deb Hopewell, Dan Landry, Alyson Lie, Martha McCabe, Walt Opie, Dick Walvis and Sally Wolfe!

We’d also like to warmly thank our distinguished Advisory Board for their early and continuing belief in this endeavor and for their generous contributions.


We are a group of volunteers that believes art of value is created freely and speaks to the deepest human aspirations. We’re ad-free and do not charge artists to submit work. We depend on the generosity of all who maintain Leaping Clear‘s web presence. If you’d like to contribute to these efforts by making a donation, we gratefully accept through our dedicated non-profit. Leaping Clear is incorporated as a 501.c3 tax-deductible public benefit organization with the U.S. government and the State of California. Our charitable ID# is 45-5164038.

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