Show some resolution

Some images shown in different quality.

Copepod comes from a 32 MB TIF file

Filter Feeding comes from 1.2 MB psd file, down sampled to 1500 by 1189 pixels and 971 KB.

Meditation Object comes from a 60 kB JPEG file (I think at low quality setting) up sampled to 1500x1003 pixels and is now 224 KB

Green image comes from a 74 kB JPEG file, up sampled to 1500 by 1075 pixels, now 237 KB

The Door pictures are derived from a 2.9 MB jpg file.

Door on left is then down sampled to 500x700 pixels at 75% quality (77 KB) then up sampled to 1500x2100 pixels. This is equivalent to receiving low quality images in the order of 75 to 150 KB.

Door on right comes from the 2.9 MB JPEG file, then down sampled to 1500x2100 pixels at 95% quality.

When I show these images in Safari as a gallery on half of my large screen I clearly see the artefacts of JEPG encoding on the images that come from the small files. When showing the gallery on my laptop (12 inch retina display) the artefacts are not as clear.


More to follow